The day to day is not very different. Children play and grow. Crops are gathered and animals are raised and slaughtered. People gather at places to drink, socialize with hopes to find a companion to warm the night. People pray to Thross, Ashlae, or Torp to keep them and their families strong, safe, and warm. What has changed is that now there is a Death Watch to patrol – to gather and burn the dead before they rise. The thirty foot city walls are always manned with silver tipped bolts and blessed and sanctified. The armored caravans travel the risky routes from city state to city state with rare trade. Farms are shuttered and secured at night to, hopefully, keep the terror of the night at bay. All hoping that the dead will pass them by again and grant them one more dawn to continue searching for joy.

Rithan thoroughly rules the night. He has always been the master of Death and Magic – but now his influence has spread beyond these obvious evils. He has corrupted all who die to have them serve him in death, even if they chose to not serve him in life. People are resilient and have managed to live on. The Death Watch is not large enough to solve all problems and caravan Shields are busy protecting their wares to investigate suspicious activity. Sanctioned parties of those with talent are paid to solve problems that the Watch and Shield cannot or will not.

Character Creation

Darkest Before the Dawn

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