Character Creation

Welcome to the Darkness Before the Dawn. A world living under a curse of the dead rising to prey on the living or serve those who can control them. Magic is believed to be inherently evil by the survivors and is largely blamed for the condition the world now finds itself. The practitioners of the arts that are not granted by Gods are shunned at best and hunted at worst. Because of this bias, magic items are rare and of great value. Humans (the most common by far), Gnomes, and Halflings are well accepted in society. Dwarves and Half Orcs, while rare, have found a way to fit in and make a future for themselves.

Elves and Half Elves, largely slave races for centuries, still toil under that oppression with few exceptions. Their innate abilities have become very useful since the turn and have been re-purposed.

All of these races are open to play. If Players wish to explore options from other source materials, that is a possibility but will require individual approval and discussion. If you choose to play a race that has social consequences, they will affect you in role play for the better and the worse.

All basic classes are also open to play.

Ability scores will be purchased with the point buying method of 27 points.

Character Creation

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